Friday, June 26, 2009

The past 3 months of pictures...

These are out of sequence. But there are too many to move around. He wrote captions on some of the pictures when he sent them, which I will put in quotations above the picture. I am going to caption those he sent without a description, as best I can.

Just being the Logan we all know and love.

"First off the plane."

"Presidency shot" (I'm pretty sure this is a joke.)

"To the mission home"

His bunk in Downtown Calgary.

"Everything has to say Canada on it...LOL"

"Monolopy Money...LOL" (I think he's saying here that Canadian money looks like monopoly money.

"Candy sorting service about temptation...LOL"

"Hide & Seek"

"Last shot for 2 years..." (Logan and Jonathan Carli- they've been friends since they were probably 5 or 6).
"My MTC Distric Homies: Elder Malagamalil, Me, Elder Hass. We all got to stay together in our first area."

"I'm so strong!"

Hoping for mail! :)

"Big eyes...he and I and Elder Hass all stayed together our first transfer." :)

"Elder Heder my trainer."

"I'm a good teacher! LOL"

"'Last Supper' OUr Last night in the MTC"

"Food Bank Service"

"California baby! :) It was my goal weight shirt...and I already fit into XXL's are big on me now...LOL"
"Back...(of his name tag)...Got to stay true to the USA...(Don't worry I found it all ripped up)".

"Light Sabers! LOL"...This looks like his basement apartment in Downtown Calgary.

"My wall...I need a picture of Montana!" (Note from the editor--oops, this just reminded me I haven't sent him a picture of her. I need to get on that ASAP!)

"My district last night of class in the MTC. My teacher is Bro. Bradshaw. (No coat)".

"They stole our bikes"

I think Logan got a little spoiled in the MTC with all of his care packages!

"Me and Elder Lealoa. His Grandma is in Sam's Home Ward"

No caption on who the guy in the middle is (maybe someone else knows??)

Elk Grove Area Elders Petersen, Hogge and Carli.

Elder Petersen ,Elder Hogge and Elder Carli mapping out their mission.

Downtown Calgary-and his closet in his first area. They lived in the basement of a members house. (I think he sent a picture of his closet because of how clean it was- which, if you'd ever been in Logan's room at home, you'd know that this is a changed boy!)

"Do you want some?...LOL"


"Harlow family (Ashley lives with them).

"Hard core...LOL"

"After her baptism"

Just our sweet Elder Logan Petersen makin a face.

"All packed up"

"Elder Wilson, my new companion."

"Goodbye to Elder Heder"

"Elder McClure"

"Representin' Cali wtih Elder 'M'"

"Elder Larson"

"Calgary Zone- 06-09"

"Pocket Book"
"Open House" and "New Pad" (I believe this is his second area in Okatoks.)

Here is the suitcase that Courtney started on her mission in Kentucky, went through two years with David in Brazil and finally broke down in Canada.


"One down...23 to go...LOL" and "2 Months"

"Packin up"

"I'm a good goalie"

Elder Petersen, have you been workin' out?? :) He's working so hard he's losing weight!

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