Monday, August 17, 2009

Faith in Every Footstep

So, if you read this last email from Logan, you'd have caught that he sang a solo in church yesterday. If any of you know him, you'd know that this seems very out of character for "Logan"...but apparently not for Elder Petersen... his sister, who LOVES to sing, I am thrilled to think I may have a brother returning home with a new found love of singing that I can sing duets with! :)

Below is a video of the MTC choir in 2008, singing "Faith in Every Footstep", which is the song Elder Petersen sang yesterday in Sacrament meeting. Wish we could've been there to hear him, but we are hoping to receive a recorded tape version of a practice with his pianist soon. If there is a way to post it (and with Elder Petersen's permission) I will try and post it here on this blog.


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