Saturday, September 12, 2009

Latest Pics

Here's the latest batch of photo's Elder Petersen sent home---in no particular order.
Some pictures have a comment or caption on the back-some don't. His captions will be in quotations. Get may "LOL" a lot...he sure did! :) Enjoy!

Our missionary...

"E. Eberly"

"GQ-ing in Okotoks" & "Okotok's View"

"Sheep River"

"My 'Petey Pop' LOL" & "My Makeshift Soda" (for those of you who don't know-he's given up soda since out in the field) & "The Making of..."

"E. Smith"

"Safety Officer Petersen"

"Parade help...we were blocking off traffic"

"Goodbye to Pridays" (Mission President & his wife)

"My MTC comp. at Zone Conference"
"My Flag"

"E. Dopp...LOL"

"Canada Day"

"E. Madsen burning his one year shirt"

"E. Smith. LOL"

"I was soaked from the rain storm" & "Don't ask...LOL"

"They are everywhere...LOL"

Verna & Lee
"The 'No Name' products are really No Name. LOL"
"My driver...E.Wilson"
"Foothills Zone"

"E. Wilson"

"E.Wilson, AKA Bubbls" & "E. Pearce"
"Goodbye to E. Stevenson"

"E. Snell & Holcombe"
"Black Diamond and Turner Valley"
"E.Stevenson 2 year suit burn. He's from Granite Bay, CA"

"E. Dickson and Smith" & "E. Stevenson & Whitt"

"Stampede Breakfast"
"Their REAL! LOL"
"Magnetic Silverware"


"Me and E. Barry"
Hope you all enjoyed!!! We know he is having fun doing the Lord's work! :)

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